OZO is a Breaking apparel brand based in Mumbai. Inspired and influenced by the thriving local subcultures of Hip Hop and Xtreme Sports as well as the world of art, OZO strives to serve the youth in search of a new language. A language that lets them speak, shout and sing - in ways they’ve always wanted.

SAGE is a visual artist who considers Hip Hop and street culture as his two biggest influences. His public art installations have been showcased at Lakme Fashion Week and BWSL Promenade, Mumbai. A former Art Director in advertising, he is also the Co-Founder and Chief Curator of Floating Canvas Company - a new-age enterprise at the intersection of art, design and experience.

Sunny Thapa aka Bboy Funky Monkey has been a part of India’s breaking scene since 2009. He was a part of Freak n Stylz, India’s first breaking crew, and has also represented the country in international breaking competitions like Radikal Forze Jam in Singapore (2015, 2017) and Respect Culture in Taiwan (2019). Apart from being a judge at several reputed bboying events, Sunny has also been a part of numerous brand collaborations including those with Levi’s, Tuborg and Red Bull.